20 Most Used WordPress Redirection Plugins

  • Theme My Login

    Themes the WordPress login pages according to your theme.

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  • SEO Redirection Plugin

    SEO Redirection is a the best plugin to manage 301 redirections without requiring knowledge of Apache .htaccess files.

  • 404 Redirection

    Permanently redirect all 404's to the main blog URL. The primary purpose is to salvage Google PageRank (TM) from missing pages.

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  • All 404 Redirect to Homepage

    By using this smart plugin, you can fix all 404 error links by redirecting them to homepage using the SEO 301 redirection.

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  • Easy HTTPS Redirection

    The plugin allows an automatic redirection to the "HTTPS" version/URL of the site. Make your site SSL compatible.

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  • WP Meta SEO

    WP Meta SEO gives you the control over all your meta content and images. Bulk SEO content and image optimization, SEO on page, 404 & redirect

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  • RS FeedBurner - Easy Implementation of FeedBurner, FeedPress, and FeedBlitz RSS Feeds

    This plugin detects native WordPress RSS feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz feed so you can track your subscribers.

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  • Speedy Page Redirect

    Redirect pages and posts to other locations.

  • Smart 404

    Automatically redirect to the content the user was most likely after, or show suggestions, instead of showing an unhelpful 404 error.

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  • 404 Simple Redirect

    This plugin determines if the request will cause a 404 HTTP error and redirects to the page defined in the plugin options.

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  • Redirects

    Create 301 redirects from one place to another.

  • Redirect

    Easily redirect any post or page to another page with a dropdown menu or by manually typing in a URL. Check out the screenshots. This plugin also chan

  • Easy 404 Redirect

    Redirect all 404 errors to a specific page

  • Blogger To WordPress

    This plugin automates setting up 1-to-1 mapping between Blogger.com (blogspot) blog posts and your new WordPress blog posts.

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  • Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage

    Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage

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  • Simple Membership After Login Redirection

    An addon for the simple membership plugin to configure after login redirection to a specific page based on the member's level.

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  • TentBlogger SEO Categories

    SEO Categories optimizes your permalink structure at the category level to make them as functional (and pretty) as possible.

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  • VK Link Target Controller

    Redirect your visitors to another page than the post content when they click on the post title.

  • Equivalent Mobile Redirect

    Easy way to detect and redirect mobile visitors to the equivalent page on your mobile site. Optionally redirect all mobile users to one mobile URL.

  • Redirect Editor

    Centrally edit and manage .htaccess-style 301 redirects.

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