15 Most Used WordPress Remove Plugins

  • Better Delete Revision

    Remove and delete old revision of posts, pages and related meta content completely then optimize Database: reduce size and optimization to speed up!

  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager

    Manages WooCommerce Checkout

  • Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

    Remove query strings from static resources like CSS & JS files.

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  • Custom Meta Widget

    Clone of the standard Meta widget plus options to hide log in/out, admin, feed and WordPress.org/custom links.

  • Ultimate Category Excluder

    Ultimate Category Excluder allows you to quickly and easily exclude categories from your front page, archives, feeds, and search results.

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  • Hide Admin Bar and Toolbar

    wordpress plugin hide admin bar toolbar adding global options to hidding front end adminbar according logged in administrators and users roles profile

  • Toggle The Title

    A plugin that will allow to actually remove (not just hide) page titles per page.

  • Simple No Comments

    Easiest plugin to disable/remove comments from complete site.

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  • Remove Widget Titles

    Removes the title from any widget that has a title starting with the "!" character.

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  • Hide Comments Feature

    Remove comments functionality and related in your Wordpress instance.

  • Quick Featured Images

    Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

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  • Auto Prune Posts

    Auto deletes (prune) posts after a certain amount of time. On a per category basis (single category, or all at once.) Handy if you want to have posts

  • Disable Admin Bar

    Disable the Admin Bar.

  • WP Admin No Show

    Block subscribers from accessing wp-admin pages. Disable the WP Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1+.

  • No Image Link

    Defaults the Image Link option to 'none' when adding a picture to a page or post.

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any remove plugins in our list.

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