20 Most Used WordPress Rename Plugins

  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

    A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.

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  • Rename wp-login.php

    Change wp-login.php to anything you want.

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  • WPS Hide Login

    Change wp-login.php to anything you want.

  • File Manager

    File Manager provides you ability to edit, delete, upload, download, copy and paste files and folders.

  • Admin renamer extended

    Plugin to change your default admin username ( with GUI to change all other admin names too ).

  • Media File Manager

    You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

  • Media Rename

    The Media Rename plugin allows you to easily rename (and retitle) your media files, once uploaded.

  • File Renaming on upload

    It renames files on upload to fix filename with accents, special characters. Improves your SEO and more.

  • Media File Renamer

    Auto-rename the files when titles are modified and update and the references (links). Manual Rename is a Pro option. Please read the description.

  • Rename Media Files

    Rename names of media files.

  • WPEX Replace DB Urls

    The easiest, most effective way to replace urls in the wordpress database.

  • Rename wp-login.php to anything you want

    Change wp-login.php to anything you want while having a safe bruteforce attack free website.

  • MD5 Media Renamer

    Sanitize and rename automatically media files during upload using PHP time() as prefix and the file name encrypted in MD5() as suffix.

  • SecureMoz Security Audit

    Performs a WordPress Security Audit to detect PHP and WordPress vulnerabilities and solve them.

  • Hide Dashboard

    Hides the WordPress Dashboard

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  • Rename Users

    This plugins allows administrators to rename wordpress usernames.

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  • Batch Update Media Informations

    Allows you to update the titles / descriptions / filenames of a several medias in one stretch.

  • WP Grande Plugin

    WP Grande Plugin enables you to customize your wordpress installation backend to the core and much more...

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  • Rename default post Labels

    A simple, lightweight WordPress plugin Rename your Default Post labels to custom name in admin menu

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  • wp_upload_rename

    Change upload filename to random characters / random numbers / date / other by yourself.

Should we add any rename plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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