10 Most Used WordPress Rich Text Editor Plugins

  • CKEditor for WordPress

    This plugin replaces the default WordPress editor with CKEditor.

  • Rich Tax Description Editor

    Turns boring Description field on Taxonomy pages into full scale Rich Text Editor.

  • TinyMCE Excerpt

    Enables rich text editing on the excerpt field.

  • Facebook Tab Manager

    Makes WordPress function as an editor for tabs you can embed in a Facebook page for your business, campaign, or organization.

  • HC Text Widget

    WYSIWYG editor inside a widget

  • Links in Captions

    Easily add links to image captions in the WordPress editor.

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  • MCE Accessible Language Change

    Adds language change button in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. (WCAG, BITV)

  • Rich Text Editor

    This plugin integrates your Wordpress with RichTextEditor - the most powerful online wysiwyg content editor.

  • WP NicEdit

    It turns the comment text area to a slick looking rich text editor allowing posting of images,colored texts etc in the comment.

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  • Add TinyMCE to the Additional Description field

    Add TinyMCE to the Additional Description field of WP E-Commerce. Possibility insert additional product photos, even without buying GoldenCart!

Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite rich text editor plugins.

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