15 Most Used WordPress Scanner Plugins

  • All In One WP Security & Firewall

    A comprehensive, user-friendly, all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin for your site.

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  • Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

    This Anti-Malware scanner searches for Malware, Viruses, and other security threats and vulnerabilities on your server and it helps you fix them.

  • Exploit Scanner

    Search the files and database of your WordPress install for signs that may indicate that it has fallen victim to malicious hackers.

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  • WP Antivirus Site Protection (by SiteGuarding.com)

    Adds more security for your website. Server-side scanning. Performs deep website scans of all the files. Virus/Malware detection and removal.

  • Total Security

    Checks your WordPress installation and provides detailed reporting on discovered vulnerabilities, anything suspicious and how to fix them.

  • Look-See Security Scanner

    Verify the integrity of a WP installation by scanning for unexpected or modified files.

  • Security Ninja Lite

    Check your site for security vulnerabilities with one click and get info on many security aspects.

  • Page and Post Lister

    A post and page utility displaying ALL posts/pages in a single view. Useful for sites with large volume of content that are regularly updated.

  • Site Protection by Umbrella Plugins

    With features as vulnerability scanner, core scanner, block suspicious requests, hide versions, disable pings, captcha login and more.

  • VIP Scanner

    Scan all sorts of themes and files and things.

  • SecureMoz Security Audit

    Performs a WordPress Security Audit to detect PHP and WordPress vulnerabilities and solve them.

  • Detectify for WP

    Detectify analyze the the level of security on your website or blog via a simulated hacker attack.

  • Gauntlet Security

    Performs a detailed security analysis of your WordPress installation. Suggests ways to make your site more secure.

  • Plugin Inspector

    Checks plugins for deprecated WordPress functions, known security vulnerabilities and some unsafe PHP functions

  • Security and Vulnerability Shield

    This plugin will scan your plugins (and WordPress) version for more then 3000+ known vulnerabilities and exploits.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite scanner plugins missing from our list.

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