13 Most Used WordPress Scrollbar Plugins

  • Simple Popup Plugin

    This plugin makes it easy to create a simple, modifiable popup window.

  • Toolbar Publish Button

    Save a lot of your time by scrolling less in WP admin!

  • Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar

    This is free version of Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar. This plugin give your wordpress site a customizable, stylish & responsive scrollbar.

  • Scrollbar Designer

    Get rid of boring scrollbar and make your own Custom Scrollbar for your website.

  • WP-Nicescroll

    Add nicescroll to your wordpress site, it's a jquery (since 1.5) plugin for nice scrollbars with a very similar ios/mobile style. Compatible with

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  • Floating Publish Button

    A WordPress plugin that alters the position and behavior of the Publish button, making it stick to the top of the page when scrolling down the page

  • VR jScrollPane Shortcode

    A simple short code for inserting jScrollPane content in any WordPress post or page.

  • Scrollbar

    Customize your browser scrollbars with unlimited styling and color using scrollbar wp plugin.

  • WordPress Nicescroll

    Nicescroll is a jquery plugin for WordPress Front-end site.

  • Custom Scrollbar

    Adds a custom scrollbar to specified HTML elements.

  • simple scrollbar gallery

    simple scrollbar gallery for WordPress is an image gallery as a WordPress plugin. The plugin uses the shortcode [gallery] and supports all the standa

  • WS Custom Scrollbar

    WS Custom Scrollbar plugin will enable change scrollbar styles where you can change scrollbar color, border radius, scroll speed, width.

  • WP Awesome Scrollbar

    WP Awesome Scrollbar is highly customizable WordPress scrollbar plugin. Features include vertical and horizontal scrollbar.

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