17 Most Used WordPress Slugs Plugins

  • SEO Ultimate

    This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over meta titles & descriptions, open graph, auto-linking, rich-snippets, 404 monitoring, siloing &am

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  • Rus-To-Lat

    Converts Cyrillic characters in post slugs to Latin characters.

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  • Cyr-To-Lat

    Converts Cyrillic characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters.

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  • Cyr to Lat enhanced

    Converts Cyrillic, European and Georgian characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters.

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  • Cyr-And-Lat

    Allows to use both "old" cyrillic and "new" latin slugs at the same time. Now it works for terms (tags and categories slugs) too.

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  • RB Internal Links

    Link to posts and pages within your blog using shortcodes, similar to a wiki or cms. No need to remember full URLs, post ids or slugs with the wysiwyg

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  • Greeklish-permalink

    This plugin converts Greek characters in post, page and term slugs to Latin characters. (Greeklish). Greek text turns into a long series of non-readab

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  • Transliterado

    This plugin gives better transliteration of non-ASCII characters in slugs.

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  • Ambrosite Body Class Enhanced

    Enhances the body_class template tag, adding some extra classes to the body (post/page slugs, post categories, and archive parent categories) useful i

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  • translit-it

    Is used to put the slugs from Russian into English.

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  • Skp Greeklish Slugs

    Convert greek characters to latin (greeklish) Clone of [greeklish-permalinks](https://github.com/dyrer/greeklish-permalinks) with some added personal

  • SO Pinyin Slugs

    Transforms Chinese character titles into a permalink friendly slug, showing pinyin that can be read by humans and (Chinese) search engines alike.

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  • Heat Map Tracker

    Analyze your visitors via Mouse Click and Mouse Move Heat Maps!

  • Redirect Old Slugs

    Allows you to change your post slugs without breaking your permalinks.

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  • Unique Cursor

    With this plugin you can set unique mouse cursor for your wordpress site

  • RO Slugs

    Converte?te diacriticele în litere latine ca s? nu se mai bu?easc? slugurile.

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  • 22 Social Buttons

    With this plugin you can easy set cool 22 social buttons

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite slugs plugins.

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