16 Most Used WordPress Sound Plugins

  • Compact WP Audio Player

    A Compact WP Audio Player Pluign that is compatible with all major browsers and devices (Android, iPhone, iPad)

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  • SoundCloud Is Gold

    Browse through your soundcloud tracks, sets and favourites. Select and add tracks, sets or favourites to your posts. Live preview, easy.

  • Soundy Background Music

    This plugin allows any page or post to play a soundtrack while it is displayed.

  • SoundCloud Master

    SoundCloud Master is a light weight and shiny clean code wordpress plugin that you need to show off and sell your music.

  • WP BandCamp

    Version: 1.1.1 Embed the Bandcamp Player into your website pages using a widget or the post editor shortcode.

  • Reverbnation Master

    Reverbnation Master plugs-in perfectly into wordpress and allows you to display all the reverbnation juice inside any widget template position.

  • GSpeech

    GSpeech is a text to speech solution which uses Google power and allows to listen any selected text on your site!

  • Spreaker Shortcode

    A simple and easy way to embed Spreaker widgets into your WordPress blog.

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  • Soundy Audio Playlist

    Soundy Audio Playlist allows any page or post to play and display an audio playlist.

  • 1 Bit Audio Player

    1 Bit Audio Player is a simple Flash MP3 player with automatic JavaScript insertion. It acts as an in-page preview for linked audio files.

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  • Another SoundCloud Quicktag

    Another SoundCloud Quicktag. The plugin establish a new button in the tinymce editor, so you can easy link to SoundCloud files.


    An audio gallery plugin for WordPress by HBWEBSOL.

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  • Simple Background Sound

    This simple and easy plugin allows you to add background music to your website or blog with WordPress.

  • ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

    ResponsiveVoice the leading HTML5 text to speech synthesis solution, is now available for WordPress. Over 51 languages through 168 voices.

  • Total Control HTML5 Audio Player Basic

    This is a jQuery plugin for streaming audio with a manageable playlist.

  • Wayne Audio Player

    This is a jQuery plugin for streaming MP3s.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite sound plugins missing from our list.

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