16 Most Used WordPress Staging Plugins

  • WP Staging - DB & file duplicator & migration

    A duplicator plugin! Clone, duplicate and migrate live sites to independent staging and development sites that are available only to administrators.

  • Duplicator / Cloner / Migrator

    Duplicator clone plugin can duplicate, backup website, clone website or migrate WordPress website from one hosting place to another

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  • SitePush

    Easily move content and code between WordPress sites. Pull your site's DB to a dev site, push new code to a staging site, etc.

  • The Permalinker

    Add dynamically created permalinks using the short code tag [permalink] and output dynamic links to your current template directory using short code [

  • Simple Relative Content

    This plugin makes all attachments urls stored in database relative to the WP_SITEURL url.

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  • Hide WPEngine Tab

    This plugin makes it super easy to limit access to the WP Engine tab. This protects the staging environment and other WPE actions.

  • Deploy Helper

    A simple deploy helper utility for moving sites from enviroments. Licensed under the GPL

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  • Uploads by Proxy

    For local development: Automatically load images from the production version of wp-content/uploads if they are missing locally.

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  • Password Protect Staging

    Quickly and easily password protect a site to keep it from the prying eyes of google.

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  • PushLive - Staging Sites to Live in One Click

    Allows you to have a fully functioning development Staging Site or Multisite that you can individually Push to Live when ready.

  • Environment Indicator

    Visually indicate the current server tier (dev, staging, production, etc.)

  • Stage WP Plugin Manager

    Gives you the option to determine which plugins must be automatically activated either on local, staging or productions stages.

  • DX localhost

    Display a color notice box when you're working on localhost or a staging server.

  • Environmental Plugin Manager

    Gives you the option to define which plugins must be active for a particular environment only.

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  • tSwitch

    This plugin allows theme developers to switch theme from anywhere within a Wordpress installation.

  • Staging Users Control

    A plugin to prevent certain users from logging into the back-end in the LIVE environment. You can let your users edit staging but not live.

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