17 Most Used WordPress Stocks Plugins

  • Custom Stock Widget

    The Custom Stock Widget plugin allows you to place stock widgets onto your site using shortcodes.

  • Stock Tools

    A WordPress plugin with a set of tools for displaying stock information.

  • Show Stock Quotes by 99 Robots

    Display up to 20 stock quotes per portfolio. Each widget instance is considered a portfolio, so just add more widget instances for more portfolios.

  • Stockdio Historical Chart

    A WordPress plugin for displaying historical stock market live charts and technical indicators.

  • StockTwits Widget

    The StockTwits plugin shows the most recent posts from http://www.StockTwits.com website as a widget. Choose to show your stock messages, just the Ticker str

  • Stocks Watchlist

    Use WP to manage your stocks watchlist. Publish your watchlist on your blog with live prices from Yahoo Finance.

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  • StockTwits Ticker Link

    This plugin changes your standard ticker symbols like $AAPL or $GOOG and will automatically link the ticker to realtime discussions at stocktwits.com

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  • Stock Engine

    The Stock Engine plugin allows you to place stock tables onto your site using shortcodes.

  • Live Stock Market Quotes - SaneBull

    SaneBull contextual stock symbol information plugin.

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  • Wallstwatchdog.com Stock Ticker Linker

    This plugin automatically search blog content for ticker symbols and link the tickers to company research pages at wallstwatchdog.com

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  • QuoteMedia Tools

    QuoteMedia Tools provides short codes to integrate QuoteMedia's stock quote and chart API.

  • InvestorGuide.com Stock Ticker Link

    This plugin automatically looks for ticker symbols like (AAPL) or (GOOG) and link the tickers to investing research pages at InvestorGuide.com

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  • My GStock portfolio

    A GStock.com stock portfolio plugin.

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  • StockViz

    The Wordpress shortcode plugin allows you to pull in the latest stock price from within your post.

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  • Stock Market Ticker

    Easy to use and versatile stock market ticker, with support of over 65 world exchanges, commodities, indices and currencies.

  • Skloogs Trader

    This wordpress plugin allows the display of shares from the Bovespa (Brazilian Stock Exchange) and other Stock Exchanges.

  • Inline Stock Quotes

    Inline Stock Quotes uses the [stock] shortcode to insert dynamically updating and easily customized stock quotes into posts.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite stocks plugins missing from our list.

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