16 Most Used WordPress Structure Plugins

  • Cornerstone

    Enhanced content management for Wordpress

  • Nested Pages

    Nested Pages provides a drag and drop interface for managing pages & posts in the WordPress admin, while maintaining quick edit functionality.

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  • Permalink Editor

    Fully customise the permalink for an individual page or post and globally set the permalink structure for pages, categories, tags or authors.

  • Swifty Page Manager

    Creating and managing your pages made easy.

  • Single Category Permalink

    Reduce permalinks (category or post) that include entire hierarchy of categories to just having the lowest level category.

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  • Easily navigate pages on dashboard

    Displays a windows explorer style list of your pages on your Dashboard.

  • Scribendi.com Editing and Proofreading Services

    Scribendi provides ISO 9001 certified, comprehensive, and professional editing services to WordPress users. Our services are available 24/7.

  • WoWPth

    Lets you create a theme and customize its structure in an easy and interactive way.

  • eAngel.me Proofread your content. Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation And Proper Use Of Words.

    eAngel provides a 24/7 professional proofreading services to WordPress users.

  • Postname Permalink Auto Redirect

    This plugin will automatically 301 redirect your old 'postname' format permalinks so you don't lose your precious SEO.

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  • Hierarchical Page View

    The plugin displays the Hierarchial Page View only in the Admin section for large number of Post/Pages. Currently goes 5 Levels Deep.

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  • sxss Wiki

    sxss Wiki generates a linked list of content from your posts or pages.

  • SKU Shortlink For WooCommerce

    Add Product SKU value in woocommerce products url

  • Page Skeleton

    Page Skeleton is a plugin that will recreate static page structures for large sites.

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  • Section Posts Widget

    A widget that displays a list of posts related to a particular section. Sections are enabled using the Cornerstone plugin.

Should we add any structure plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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