17 Most Used WordPress Table Of Contents Plugins

  • Table of Contents Plus

    A powerful yet user friendly plugin that automatically creates a table of contents. Can also output a sitemap listing all pages and categories.

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  • WP Sitemap

    A HTML sitemap with both post and pages. Easy to implement, just add a shortcode tag in a page.

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  • Table of Contents Creator

    Table of Contents Creator automatically generates a highly customizable dynamic site wide table of contents that is always up-to-date.

  • Kalin's Post List

    Creates a widget, shortcode or PHP snippet for inserting dynamic, highly customizable lists of posts or pages such as related posts or table of conten

  • WP Table of Paginated Contents

    Handles naming of each post page through a TinyMCE button and produces a Table of Contents for the said post.

  • Seo Friendly Table of Contents

    A simple seo friendly table of contents plugin that does not require editing in your themes source code.

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  • Site Table of Contents

    Site Table of Contents plugin allows a users to easily create a page that lists all posts and their respective categories in an easy to use and dynami

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  • Extended Table of Contents (with nextpage support)

    This plugin automatically generates and inserts a table of contents (ToC) to your pages and posts, based on tags h1-h6. It can deal with nextpage-tag.

  • Easy Table of Contents

    Adds a user friendly and fully automatic way to create and display a table of contents generated from the page content.

  • Table of Content

    A Table of Content (TOC) generator

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  • Chapters

    Easy-to-use, ajax-powered plugin to edit summaries/lists of a group of posts and/or pages that you collect together in a 'book'.

  • Dexs Navigation Tree

    This Plugin creates a "Table of Contents" container, show it with the shortcode and / or with the own widget!

  • WP Table of Contents

    WP Table of Contents plugin creates a "table of contents" of your post.

  • Web Fiction Table of Contents Sidebar Widget

    This sidebar widget will generate a table of contents from a category of posts in chronological order.

  • WP Section Index

    Create a table of contents in a widget for the current page or blog post, using headings from the content.

  • MD Table of Contents Generator

    Plugin to automatically generate a table of contents based on Headings tags.

  • jQuery Table of Contents

    Adds a table of contents to posts and pages based on HTML header tags using jQuery.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite table of contents plugins.

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