11 Most Used WordPress Tag Plugins

  • Simple Tags

    Add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term

  • WP Show IDs ( simple, yet elegant )

    Simple, yet elegant. Shows IDs for Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Categories, Tags, and Users in the admin tables for easy access. Very lightweight. Also

  • Ad Inserter

    Insert any HTML/Javascript/PHP code into Wordpress. Perfect for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads. 16 code blocks, many display options.

  • Simply Show IDs

    Simply shows the ID of Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Categories, Tags and Users in the admin tables for easy access.

  • Display posts in grid layout without coding - Content Views

    It is easy as ABC to query posts by category, tag, author... and display posts anywhere (page, widget) in responsive Grid layout without coding!

  • Custom Recent Posts Widget

    A widget to show recent posts list based on categories or tags

  • Better Tag Cloud

    A better tag cloud. Lots of configuration options, a widget and a shortcode to add tag clouds to posts and pages.

  • WP-No-Tag-Base

    This plugin will completely remove the mandatory 'Tag Base' from your tag permalinks (e.g. `/tag/my-tag/` to `/my-tag/`).

  • Rich Text Tags

    The Rich Text Tags Plugin allows you to edit tag, category, and taxonomy descriptions using Wordpress' built in WYSIWYG editor.

  • AStickyPostOrderER

    Lets you manipulate the order in which posts are displayed per category, per tag, or over-all.

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  • Term Management Tools

    Allows you to merge terms, set term parents in bulk, and swap term taxonomies.

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any tag plugins in our list.

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