13 Most Used WordPress Theme Customizer Plugins

  • Fourteen Colors

    Customize the colors of the Twenty Fourteen Theme, directly within the Customizer.

  • Microthemer Lite

    A visual theme editor that allows you to responsively customize the appearance of any WordPress theme or plugin without writing code.

  • Menu Customizer

    Manage your Menus in the Customizer. WordPress core feature-plugin merged in WordPress 4.3.

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  • Titan Framework

    The most easy to use WordPress option framework.

  • Thirteen Colors

    Customize the bold colors of the Twenty Thirteen Theme, directly within the customizer.

  • KC Settings

    Easily create plugin/theme settings pages, custom fields metaboxes and term/user metadata settings.

  • Customizer Theme Switcher

    Bringing themes and the Customizer together.

  • WP Theme Customizer by phpbaba

    Supercharge any wordpress site with WP Theme Customizer and give a premium look to your theme.

  • Customizer Framework

    A lightweight and easy-to-use framework for the WordPress Customizer.

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  • Sidebar Highlight

    Small Plugin to hightlight all sidebars when wordpress customize mode is enabled

  • Coder Customizer Framework

    Welcome coder, Use WordPress Customizer in easy and standard way to your theme

  • Extend Theme Customizer

    Extend Json Theme Customizer

  • Extensionly Full-Width Customizer

    Allow users to switch between a narrow and wide view of the theme customizer.

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