11 Most Used WordPress Tutorials Plugins

  • Sidekick

    Real-time, voice-guided WordPress training and support straight from your dashboard.

  • WP101

    Delivers a complete set of WordPress tutorial videos directly within the dashboard. Choose which videos to show, or add your own!

  • YourChannel: YouTube channel on your website

    Almost like YouTube. Displays banner, uploads, playlists and more (All optional). You just need a YouTube username.

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  • LifeGuard Assistant

    The LifeGuard+ Assistant plugin puts WordPress video tutorials right into the WordPress Dashboard

  • Daskal

    Create step-by-step tutorials. Have users rate and search them. Turn your site into tutorials portal.

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  • CM Plugins Video Tutorials

    Video Tutorials showing how to use WordPress and CM Plugins like Q&A Discussion Forum, Glossary, Download Manager, Ad Changer and more

  • OSToolbar

    OSToolbar is a plugin that shows training videos inside your WordPress admin panel.

  • Custom Pointers

    Create interactive tutorials for your WordPress Users. This relies on the native WordPress Pointers API!

  • GuidePress

    The GuidePress plugin puts WordPress videos tutorials right into the WP dashboard! It's a handy companion for new and seasoned WP users.

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  • WP Video Tutor

    WP Video Tutor puts video tutorials in the help section of the WordPress Admin Panel.

  • Inline Manual

    Connect Inline Manual with your Wordpress.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite tutorials plugins.

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