19 Most Used WordPress Unicode Plugins

  • CryptX

    No more SPAM by spiders scanning you site for email adresses. With CryptX you can hide all your email adresses, with and without a mailto-link, by con

  • Full UTF-8

    Trustfully write anything in your language. Stop worrying about truncated content.

  • DBD Mailto Encoder

    Searches all content for "mailto:" links, then unicodes them to protect from spiders. No Javascript required!

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  • Open Source Emoji

    Emoji support for your blog with no copyright problems.

  • Force Wave Dash

    "Force WaveDash" is a plugin to canonicalize some Unicode characters: to force "WAVE DASH" characters other than "FULLWIDTH TILD".

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  • Hide My Mail

    Hide all Email Addresses from bots by displaying it with JavaScript and Unicode.

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  • PashtoFonts

    Its all about Unicode!

  • MMUnicode Embed

    This plugin will embed Myanmar Unicode Font in your wordpress blog.

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  • WP Arabic Virtual Keyboard

    Make it very easy to type using this virtual keyboard without any 3rd party Software or Web sites.Really easy to type in Arabic language.

  • Wordpress Sinhala Comments

    Make it very easy to comment in Sinhala, without any 3rd party Software or Sites.

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  • Myanmar Unicode Font Tagger

    This plugin for those who write blog in Myanmar Unicode. This will force to tag CSS Font Family, Myanmar Unicode.

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  • Kannada Comment

    Let your fellow blog readers to write their comments in Kannada language.

  • Mankutimmana Kagga

    Show a random verse from Mankutimmana Kagga written by D.V.G on your website!

  • Loderi Virtual Keyboard

    230 layouts in all languages of the world: Arabic, Russian, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Japanese, Tamil, Hindi, Chinese, Urdu, French, English et al.

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  • Normalizer

    Normalizes content, excerpt, title and comment content to Normalization Form C.

  • Upside Down Text

    This plugin introduces new tag and shortcode that turns any text between the tags upside down. This is achieved using unicode characters.

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  • Ayar Unicode Toolbar

    Version: 0.0.2 This plugin adds the buttons to Burmese unicode fonts Ayar to zawgyi vice versa, Ayar Online editor, Fonts convertor, Dictionary and

  • Ayar Unicode Converter

    This plugin adds the buttons to burmese unicode fonts ayar to zawgyi vice versa..

  • CJK-AutoTagger

    CJK-AutoTagger automatically wraps CJK characters in your site with `<span lang=""></span>` tags, so that you can style them separately.

Should we add any unicode plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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