16 Most Used WordPress Visitor Chat Plugins

  • WP Live Chat Support

    Fully functional Live Chat plugin. Chat with your visitors for free! No need for monthly payments. Add live chat support to your site now.

  • Wise Chat

    Advanced chat plugin for WordPress. It requires no server, supports multiple channels, bad words filtering, appearance settings, bans and more.

  • Casengo Live Chat Support

    Live Chat by Casengo is free, fully functional, easy to use and has great design! Install live chat support on your WordPress site today!

  • Chatnox Live Chat Plugin (Free & Paid Plans)

    Used by over 8000+ businesses world-wide, Chatnox is a popular Live Chat software used by business worldwide to chat with visitors in real time. Try L

  • BizChatBox - Free Live Chat Plugin

    BizchatBox is a 100% FREE hosted live chat software that allows businesses to engage with their customers in real time. Try it for free!

  • ActiveHelper LiveHelp Live Chat

    Wordpress Live Chat plugin. Manage all your wordpress sites from your desktop or mobile.

  • Conversion Support Live Chat

    Conversion Support lets you live chat with website visitors from mobile and web.

  • Output Desk Live Chat

    Free powerful Live Chat to engage your website visitors / customers in real-time and improve your sales.

  • WP Live Chat Support - Email Transcripts

    Allows agents to email chat transcripts during and after a live chat session. Add-on for WP Live Chat Support.

  • Click4Assistance Live Chat Software with real-time visitor monitoring

    Click4Assistance UK provides Live Chat Software. Allowing visitors to start a live chat, you can even monitor them in real-time inviting them to chat.

  • WP Live Chat Support - Convert Chats to Support Tickets

    Easily convert your live chat sessions to support tickets using WP Live Chat Support and Sola Support Tickets

  • WP Live Chat Support - Slack Notifications

    Send your live chat notifications Slack. Send notifications of incoming chats, missed chats and offline messages. Add-on for WP Live Chat Support.

  • WP Live Chat Support - Zendesk Add-on

    Easily convert your live chat sessions to Zendesk support tickets using WP Live Chat Support

Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite visitor chat plugins.

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