20 Most Used WordPress Wedding Plugins

  • Countdown Timer

    This plugin allows you to setup a series of dates to count to or from in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds.

  • RSVP and Event Management Plugin

    The RSVP Plugin was created to be a straightforward event management plugin to handle registrations for a single event.

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  • Wordpress Countdown Timer

    Wordpress plugin to add a countdown timer to your website. Display a timer and countdown to any day, time, or event.

  • Simple Event Planner

    A powerful & flexible plugin to create event listing and event calendar on your website in a simple & elegant way.

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  • Wedding Countdown Widget

    Displays a Wedding Countdown in your sidebar.

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    A Robust RSVP plugin

  • Simple Count Down

    Simple configurable widgetized count down plugin.

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  • Gift Registry

    A Gift Registry to request and track gifts via PayPal. Ideal for weddings, births, fundraisers, and other occasions.

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  • Google Docs RSVP, WordPress Plugin

    This plugin allows you to add RSVP and guestlist functionality. Guests can leave custom messages for the planners. Uses Google Docs spreadsheets.

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  • RSVPify RSVP Form

    Quickly create a hugely-customizable RSVP form for your wedding or event. Get every detail you need in one seamless RSVP experience.

  • Holiday Countdown

    Holiday Countdown is an animated counter plugin. Count down to Christmas, New Years Eve, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Tet, birthdays, or any other

  • Wedding Registry

    The easiest way to beautifully create and display wedding registry locations using shortcodes.

  • Wp Clock Counter

    Wp Clock Counter Plugin Super Lightweight, Fully Responsive and easy to install.

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  • SF Love Quotes Widget

    A beautiful Love Quotes Widget. Displays "Love Quotes" (in English) on your Sidebar. All "Love Quotes" are taken from TopGamos.gr

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  • Eazy Project Management

    Add projects and display only to clients that are logged in.

  • Wedding Gifts

    This Plugin is to create a simple wedding gift registery where vistor chan register them to donate gifts.

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  • RSVP Bee

    **BETA - Do not use for production yet** RSVP Bee is a management tool for keeping track of wedding guest lists and guest RSVP.

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  • WPGiftRegistry - A Wishlist Plugin for Weddings, Birthdays etc.

    A simple way to create a linked list of wishes for your wedding, birthday or other occasion.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite wedding plugins.

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