20 Most Used WordPress Weekly Plugins

  • Weekly Class Schedule

    Generate a weekly schedule of classes.

  • Show/Hide Content at Set Time

    Shortcodes to wrap around text, which specify at what date or time that content should appear or disappear, either once, or on a recurring basis.

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  • RSS Digest

    RSS Digest is a plugin that creates daily digests from an RSS or Atom feed that you specify.

  • Weekly Schedule

    The purpose of this plugin is to allow users to create a schedule of weekly events and display that schedule on a page in a table form. Users can styl

  • Google Calendar Weekly Timetable

    Displays Google Calendar(s) as custom styled weekly timetable/schedule in your blog. Easy to manage complex timetables from google calendar.

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  • CPK Ultimate Archives

    An improved version of the default WP Archives widget that allows complex filtering.

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  • Weekly Archive Widget

    Create a widget that displays the archives by week

  • AstroPress by Ask Oracle

    Hands-down, easiest way to embed horoscopes and astrology charts on your blog or website, we got a plugin for you!

  • Blog Update Reminder

    Track one or multiple authors' blog posting frequency and email-notifies these authors if they haven't posted within a set timeframe.

  • Instant Weekly Roundup

    Instant Weekly Roundup creates weekly or monthly or custom roundup of all your posts written in that time span in a desired format so that there is no

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  • Gravity Forms Periodic Notification E-Mails

    Sends periodic e-mails for Gravity Forms entries created within the period. Daily, weekly, monthly updates instead of 1 e-mail per form entry.

  • Seven Days

    Automatically show/hide your widget daily with "Seven Days", let you set widget to show / hide by day condition (Sun - Sat)

  • Last.fm Artists

    Last.fm Artists is a Wordpress plugin that allows a user to display images of their top artists on their blog.

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  • Automatic Newsletter

    Automaticly sends a newsletter every day/week/month

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  • Magazine Edition Control

    Control the editions of your magazine or just group up the content of your blog. Easy and with no expensive software.

  • Readability Favorites

    This plugin generates a blog post of your favorite Readability links.

  • Knowtify

    The only all-in-one mailing list builder and email digest delivery plugin.

  • MeetingList

    Create and manage a list of meetings through your WordPress install

Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite weekly plugins.

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