17 Most Used WordPress Wiki Plugins

  • Transposh WordPress Translation

    Transposh adds best of breed translation support to wordpress, 92 languages are automatically translated and can be manually corrected with ease.

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  • Wiki

    Create a wiki as easily as adding a post

  • BuddyPress Docs

    Adds collaborative Docs to BuddyPress.

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  • Encyclopedia / Glossary / Wiki

    Supercharged tool to build your own awesome Glossary / Encyclopedia / Lexicon / Wiki / Dictionary / Knowledge base project in a breath.

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  • WP Knowledgebase

    Simple and flexible knowledgebase plugin for WordPress

  • Wiki Embed

    Wiki Embed lets you embed mediawiki pages in to your site, sites like Wikipedia

  • Wordpress Wiki

    Add Wiki functionality to your wordpress site.

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  • Snap Shots for Wordpress.org

    Add Snap Shots(TM) to your blog. Snap Shots is an open, extensible platform for creating, sharing, and distributing contextually relevant content.

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  • Free Quotation

    Do you need display quotes or tips on your page? Free Quotation give you posibility to use CSV files with quotation, Wiciquotes or add quote manually

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  • Yada Wiki

    Yada Wiki is a simple wiki for your WordPress site.

  • Wiki Page Links

    [[Wiki Page Links]] is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add Wikipedia-style hyperlinks to your posts and pages and automatically have them link

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  • Very Simple Knowledge Base

    This is a very simple plugin to create a knowledgebase. Use a shortcodes to display your categories and posts in 3 or 4 columns on a page. For more in

  • Documentation

    A documentation management system.

  • Better-Wiki-Links

    This Plug-in links every [[text]] or [[alt.text|link]] with the the appropriate wiki-system. (Option-page in english, german, spanish, norway, portugu

  • KnB Lite - Knowledge Base / FAQ Plugin

    Add Knowledge Base or FAQ on any part of your wordpress website easily using this powerful shortcode plugin.

  • Interlinks

    Wikistyle links in your WordPress blog.

  • RDP Wiki-Press Embed

    RDP Wiki-Press Embed lets you embed MediaWiki pages in to your site, from sites like Wikipedia, and PediaPress book pages.

Let us know below in the comments if we missed any wiki plugins in our list.

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