12 Most Used WordPress Wp_list_pages Plugins

  • Page Lists Plus

    Adds customisation options to the wp_list_pages function used to create Page menus, all controlled through the WordPress dashboard.

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  • Subpages Extended

    A multi widget to list subpages of a page. It also comes with a `[subpages]` shortcode. You can find more widgets, plugins and themes at [shailan.com]

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  • Ambrosite Unlink Parent Pages

    Unlinks parent pages in page menus and lists. Useful for creating dropdown menus with top-level placeholders. Affects the output of wp_list_pages and

  • Simply Hide Pages

    Easy way to hide some pages from wp_list_pages output.

  • Classy wp_list_pages

    Adds a uniqe class or ID attribute to each LI tag generated by wp_list_pages() and wp_nav_menu() allowing them to be individually styled with CSS.

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  • List Pages at Depth

    A more powerful version of wp_list_pages() which allows you to specify a start depth.

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  • Children Pages

    Displays children pages of the current top-parent page in a sidebar widget.

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  • Get Login Plugin

    Adds 'Log In', 'Log Out', 'Register' and 'My Profile' respectively to navigation listed using "wp_list_pa

  • List Pages Plus

    Alter the output of the wp_list_pages() function's HTML. Set default arguments in Settings Panel using wp_list_pages_plus() replacement function.

  • Remove White Space

    Removes white space from wp_list_pages and wp_list_categories (nice for IE6 - prevents gaps in vertical lists).

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  • Local Navigation Widget

    This simple widget uses the wp_list_pages() to output a local navigation menu.

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  • Delink Pages

    This plugin will allow you to specify certain pages to not be linked when wp_list_pages() is used in a theme.

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