Top 17 WordPress Achievement Plugins

  • BadgeOS

    BadgeOS turns your site into an achievement and badging system. Easily create badges and set up the steps and achievements users complete to earn them

  • BadgeOS Community Add-on

    Adds BadgeOS features to BuddyPress and bbPress. Earn badges based on community activity, and display them on user profiles and activity feeds.

  • BadgeOS LearnDash Add-on

    BadgeOS achievements and badges earned from a wide array of LearnDash learning management system activity.

  • BadgeOS BadgeStack Add-on

    This add-on to BadgeOS automatically creates achievement types, pages and sample content to jumpstart your own badging system.

  • Open Badges designer

    Open Badges: Earn as you learn, Endorse those you teach, Display where it counts. This plugin adds the designer to WordPress.

  • BadgeOS Invite Codes Add-on

    Enhances sites running BuddyPress and BadgeOS by joining users to one or more specified groups when they use a special Invite Code to join your site.

  • Badgearoo

    Create your own badges and points system for WordPress users.

  • Open Badges Issuer Add-on

    Issue Mozilla Open Badges directly from your site with this add-on for BadgeOS

  • Credly Custom Badge Assertion Shortcode

    Easily create an official Credly Badge Assertion page on your site.

  • Open Badge Factory

    Open Badge Factory is an Open Badge management system. Set up automatic badge awarding rules, and users will earn badges.

  • BadgeOS Reset Developer Add-On

    License URL: BadgeOS Add-On to reset BadgeOS data in your database.

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  • MarcTV Achievement Unlocked

    Displays a graphical achievement unlocked message at the bottom of an article.

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