Top 15 WordPress Activation Plugins

  • Unconfirmed

    Allows WordPress admins to manage unactivated users, by activating them manually, deleting their pending registrations, or resending the activation em

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  • cbnet MBP Auto-Activate

    Automatically activate MaxBlogPress plugins, without registering and without subscribing to the MaxBlogPress email list.

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  • BP Disable Activation Reloaded

    Based on crashutah, apeatling plugin Disables the activation email and automatically activates new users in BuddyPress under a standard WP install and

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  • User Activation Email

    Require users to enter an activation code to access the site the first time. The activation code is emailed upon user registration.

  • BP Disable Activation

    Disables the activation email and automatically activates new users in BuddyPress under a standard WP install and WPMU (multisite). Also, automatical

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  • User Activation Keys

    A Multisite Network plugin for user activation key removal or approval.

  • Proper Network Activation

    Avoid errors when using WordPress MultiSite network activation

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  • Email Post Activation

    Adds an iFrame to your blog footer to automatically activate any posts written by email.

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  • WP Login Flow

    Completely customize the flow (and look) of the core WordPress wp-login.php, including background, logo, custom permalinks (instead of wp-login.php),

  • Plugin Register

    For Wordpress plugin developers: keep a register of when and where your plugins are activated.

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  • Reveal Network Activated Plugins

    Displays Network-Activated and Must-Use (MU) plugins, and Drop-ins on the Installed Plugins Admin panel for individual sites of a WordPress Network.

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  • Quick New Site Defaults

    Set default settings of a freshly installed site quickly

  • Admin SMS Alert

    Admin SMS Alert sends a SMS Message (Text) to the provided cell phone on the chosen carrier for selected alerts.

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  • WASP - Anti Spam

    A unique anti-spam solution to help you fight spam in registration, comments, forms (Contact Form 7).

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  • Admin Bar Plugin Switcher

    Activate/deactivate plugins from admin bar.

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