Top 11 WordPress Admin Interface Plugins

  • Redux Framework

    Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Ships with an integrated demo.

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  • Admin Tweaks

    Do you like to adjust and style the backend as much as the frontend? So, we are together! Lots of pro tips and enhancements in one place.

  • Redux Developer Mode Disabler

    For users who have a product with Redux Framework that a developer shipped with developer mode on (IE, annoying update notices and links to GitHub).

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  • Wordpress Plugin Framework Reloaded

    Allows other plugins to use Wordpress Plugin Framework Reloaded. Made for plugin developers.

  • WP Block Admin

    Block access to the admin interface based on user capability. The default is only editors and admins are allowed access, but the required capability c

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  • WordPress SEO Nuke Noob Stuff

    Built to extend WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin by removing some of the basic noob things like the SEO color dot and extra columns on pages and posts.

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  • Ultimo WP

    Get a clean, beautiful and customizable new look on your WordPress Admin Dasboard.

  • Admin CSS MU

    A plugin to load a CSS file to style the admin side. Works with Multisite.

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  • Custom Admin CSS

    Customize your editor-area.

  • DW Admin Block

    DW Admin Block, blocks access to the admin interface based on their user capabilities.

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  • User Theme

    It's a simple Plugin to load a Theme for a special user based on IP, User-ID, category or User-Level.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite admin interface plugins.

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