Top 18 WordPress Admin Login Plugins

  • Custom Login Plugin

    Admin Custom Login plugin allows you to change your unlimited custom logo, Background Sideshow, Social Link Connectivity etc. with its lots of feature

  • Custom Login Page Styler - Admin login page

    Create your own custom login,admin login or client login page with custom login page styler ,Easy to use no coding skills required.

  • User Login Log

    This plugin track records of wordpress user login with set of multiple information like ip, date , time, country , city, user name etc.

  • Use Admin Password

    Allow privileged users to allow into less-priviliged users' accounts

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  • Eazy Login Logo

    Eazy Login Logo changes the default logo on the login screen.

  • WP Masquerade

    Allow WP Admin users to easily masquerade as other users on a site

  • Custom Admin Login Page | WPZest

    Create beautiful Custom Admin Login. Easy to use no coding skills required. User can use different custom style in their login form with Google reCapt

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  • WP Flat Admin Theme

    This plugin turns a Wordpress admin theme into a nice looking dashboard based on the Flat UI kit by Design Modo and provides a customizable login logo

  • Mindstien Quick Login

    Forget Username/Password, Remember just one code for all of your wp sites.

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  • WPVKP Custom Login Page

    Customize Wordpress login page easily according to your theme or any other custom style with Custom Login Page Styler.

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  • Ajax Login

    Ajax Login is a sample login interface that you login your admin panel by using ajax.

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