Top 14 WordPress Advertisement Plugins

  • Google AdSense

    The official AdSense Plugin, written by Google. Provides support for AdSense as well as Webmaster Tools.

  • WP125

    Easy management of 125x125 ads on your blog. Ads can be run for a specified number of days, and will automatically be taken down. Track clicks too.

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  • AdRotate

    The popular choice for monetizing your website with adverts while keeping things simple. Start making money today!

  • Wp-Insert

    The Ultimate Adsense / Ad-Management Plugin for Wordpress

  • Simple Ads Manager

    Advertisement rotation system with a flexible logic of displaying advertisements.

  • Promotion Slider

    Promotion Slider is a jQuery slideshow populated by the promotions you enter into the WordPress admin area.

  • Useful Banner Manager

    This banner manager plugin helps to manage the banners easily over the WordPress blog. It works with BuddyPress too.

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  • Advertising Manager

    Easily place and rotate ads on inside your blog posts, templates, or sidebar widgets. Simple to use, powerful features. Used by thousands of blogs.

  • Random / Rotating Ads V2

    The Datafeedr Random Ads V2 plugin allows you to simply and easily show random, rotating ads anywhere on your site by adding a template tag to your th

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  • Meks Easy Ads Widget

    Display unlimited number of ads inside your WordPress widget.

  • Master Post Advert

    Display advertising between the introduction and post content.

  • Sticky Popup

    Sticky Popup is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add popup on fixed position like bottom, left or right side with CSS3 effects.

  • BlogWell's Simple Image Link Widget

    A widget which allows you to add an image with a link to your sidebar.

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  • Amazon Auto Links - Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

    Generates links of Amazon products just coming out today. Pick categories and they appear even in JavaScript disabled browsers.

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