Top 14 WordPress Affiliate Links Plugins

  • ThirstyAffiliates

    Earn more with affiliate marketing using ThirstyAffiliates – the professional affiliate link management & link cloaking tool for affiliates.

  • WP Cloaker

    WP Cloaker gives you the ability to shorten your affiliate ugly links and keep track of how many clicks on each link.

  • Easy Affiliate Links

    Easily manage and cloak all your affiliate links.

  • Listly: Listicles For Wordpress

    Brings the power of the Listly platform to engage your audience with list posts in gallery, slideshow, magazine, and list layouts.

  • Simple Link Cloaker

    Helps you convert long and ugly affiliate links into short and elegant ones for aesthetic and SEO purposes.

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  • Affiliate Link Manager

    Manage all of your affiliate links easily, short links using your own domain, see report of all views and more...

  • Affiliate Links Manager

    WordPress Affiliate Links Manager by WinkPress helps you create friendly affiliate redirects and track them in Google Analytics.

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  • Magic WP Coupons - Lite

    Magic WP Coupons is a WordPress based plugin which can magically turn your WordPress theme into a affiliate coupons site.

  • WP to Affiliate | Deeplink-Generator & Cloaking

    Kovertiert normale Links in Affiliate-Deeplinks für Zanox,, Amazon und Tradedoubler. Inklusive Link-Cloaking. Du wirst es lieben!

  • ThirstyAffiliates For FooGallery Extension

    Extension for FooGallery, lets you create galleries of images that link to affiliate links (powered by ThirstyAffiliates)

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  • Yepty - Pay Per Click Advertising. Monetize Blog and SkyRocket Income with Relevant Contextual Ads

    Let ALL of your blog content earn you money.

  • Bixt - Turns Keyword Phrases into Your Affiliate Links

    Bixt (through service) replaces keywords or keyword phrases with affiliate links that you define per keyword.

  • Check Amazon Links

    This plugin automatically checks all Amazon links to see if the products are in stock. It sends daily alerts when products become unavailable.

  • External & Affiliate Links Processor

    Process outbound (external) links to make useful changes, including adding affiliate ID tags, rel=nofollow or target=_blank attributes, and adding ico

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite affiliate links plugins.

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