Top 15 WordPress Aggregate Plugins

  • WP Pipes

    RSS Feed to Post/bbPress, AutoBlogging, auto post to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn, CSV importing for Posts/WooCommerce/bbPress, RSS Feed Creator.

  • Juicer: Show all your social media posts in a beautiful feed.

    Aggregate and embed your social media posts on your site (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and many more) as a beautiful feed.

  • JCH Optimize

    This plugin automatically combines and minifies css and javascript files in your wordpress site to reduce http requests and optimize download time.

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  • PressForward

    PressForward provides an integrated workflow for curating content aggregated from the web.

  • MnCombine

    Easily manage the merging and compression of js and css files from plugins and themes

  • feedgator

    Feed(Aggre)gator merges a group of RSS feeds into a single widgetized list.

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  • CSS And Script Files Aggregation

    Aggregate all the .css and .js files from all plugins into combined files in order to speed up page load and minimize HTTP Requests from the browsers.

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  • LS Social Feed

    Shortcodes to display social feeds from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. You can also aggregate these social networks to one feed. Full template control

  • WordPress MU Category Mapping Plugin

    Plugin links categories network wide to provide one top-level blog to act as a portal for your global community of blogs

  • Burping The Corpse Sidebar Widget

    A Burping The Corpse badge widget for use in your WordPress sidebar. There are 2 badge images to choose from, or no badge at all.

  • Coderbits Profiler

    Display Coderbits profile data as widget or using a shortcode

  • Crowd Convergence

    This plugin displays your moderated social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+) stream from Crowd Convergence.

  • bbAggregate

    Create streams of sitewide aggregated content from your multisite WordPress installation with bbAggregate

  • Multiple Import

    Aggregate multiple blog(s) into one single blog.

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Should we add any aggregate plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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