Top 18 WordPress Audit Plugins

  • Simple History

    View changes made by users within WordPress. See who created a page, uploaded an attachment or approved an comment, and more.

  • Stream

    Stream is the easiest and safest way to track content changes happening to your WordPress site and then view them in beautifully organized detail.

  • cookie-cat

    Assist compliance with UK cookie law/EU cookie directive by listing the cookies your website uses using the [cookies] shortcode. depends on oik.

  • SiteCondor SEO

    Improve your on-page SEO, optimize content quality, and keep your site healthy.

  • BTEV

    Bluetrait Event Viewer (BTEV) monitors events that occur in your WordPress install.

  • Oasis Workflow

    Automate your WordPress Editorial Workflow with Oasis Workflow. Simple, intuitive drag and drop workflow builder to streamline your editorial process.

  • SEO Audit Tool by ContentLook

    SEO Audit by ContentLook gives you a thorough report of your whole Content Marketing activity: SEO, blogging, authority, social, etc.

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  • Gauntlet Security

    Performs a detailed security analysis of your WordPress installation. Suggests ways to make your site more secure.

  • Content Audit

    Lets you create a content inventory right in the WordPress Edit screens. You can mark content as redundant, outdated, trivial, or in need of a review.

  • CM Custom Reports

    Create and display WordPress post, page and comment visual reports. Export reports data. Great audit and monitoring tool

  • Trashed By

    Tracks the user who trashed a post and when they trashed it. Displays that info as columns in admin trashed posts listings.

  • Wp Easy Survey

    Manage survey for making evaluation on post types in wordpress / Gestion de formulaire pour réaliser des audit sur les post type dans Worpress

  • Katalyst Video Plus

    Katalyst Video Plus is a powerful plugin that automatically creates video posts and syncs content from video hosting services.

  • Published By

    Track which user actually published a post, separate from who created the post. Display that info as a column in admin post listings.

  • RankScanner: SEO Audit

    An onsite review of your blog's SEO score, content quality, speed errors, technical warnings and SEO recommendations - and how to fix it all.

  • Observer

    Creates a log file for network/multisite super admin actions.

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  • Plugin Auditor

    The Plugin Auditor plugin records details of who installed and activated each plugin on your website and why.

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  • Stream to Slack

    Send your Stream records to Slack.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite audit plugins.

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