Top 13 WordPress Automatically Plugins

  • Ad Injection

    Injects any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP.

  • AutoChimp

    Keep website users and MailChimp mailing lists in sync and create campaigns from posts.

  • Cross-linker

    A plugin that automatically links given words to URL's with ability to modify priority of plugin execution, and options to customize the plugin.

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  • FTP Access

    With this plugin, No longer needs FTP credentials for each update or install !

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  • Auto FTP

    Makes plugins and themes installs and updates faster, no longer needs ftp details confirmation.

  • Auction Nudge - eBay on your own site

    Embed your live eBay listings, profile and feedback information on your site in just a few clicks.

  • Onlywire Multi Autosubmitter

    Automatically adds your post to social bookmarking websites using the service.

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  • Cryptex | Email Address Obfuscation

    Cryptex transforms plain-text E-Mail-Addresses into Images - automatically - No scrapers. No harvesters. No spambots. That's our goal!

  • Simple Twitter Status Updates

    Automatically publishes a status on your twitter account when a post has been published, modified or commented by a user.

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  • Ad Logger

    Logs data about iframe clicks: can log clicks from Google AdSense, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter. Logs URL, IP, browser, and size of the clicked iframe.

  • Stop Auto Updating Dangit

    This plugin simply stop WordPress from automatically updating for you.

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  • Auto Update Themes

    This plugin sets Wordpress to automatically download and install theme updates. No configuration needed, simply install the plugin and activate it.

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  • Twitter Blog Posts Automatically

    Publish (embed) your Tweets to your WordPress blog automatically (every hour) or manually with one simple click.

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