Top 20 WordPress Barcode Plugins

  • Super Cool QRCode

    Easily insert QR codes in your blog, with Widget or Shortcode.

  • QR Code Tag

    Use QR Codes (Google API or QR Code Lib) anywhere in your blog, as a Widget, Shortcode, Tooltip or with a PHP function.

  • QR Code Generator

    QR Code Wordpress plugin to insert a QR code in your blog. The qr code contains the current URL or any other text you like.

  • WCS QR Code Generator

    This plugin is a QR Code (Quick Response) image generator for mobile tagging.

  • Simple QR Code Creator Widget

    A plugin that creates a QR Code (URL, Message, and Contact Information) generator for sidebar widget and in Posts and Pages.

  • QR code generator

    This plugin will display a QR code of the actually loaded page in your sidebar.

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  • WP Admin QR Code Generator

    This is an extremely simple plugin that generates QR codes for posts and pages

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  • Hypecal Ticketing System for Events Manager

    Hypecal extension for the Events Manager plugin to sell tickets, manage bookings and registrations and boost your event's promotion.

  • Yeblon QR Code Generator

    Use QR Code in your blog, as a shortcode, a widget or with a PHP function.

  • 8080 Barcode Generator

    Use a simple shortcode to generate barcode.

  • Barcode QRcode Generator

    This plugin adds the functionality to output barcodes and qrcodes by use of the shortcodes.

  • QR Code Plugin for Wordpress

    Qurify and display whatever QR Code you want and (optional) let your visitors qurify their own QR Codes, directly on your blog!

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  • Pagex QRCode

    Awesome QRCode Generator WordPress Plugin

  • WooCommerce Barcode & ISBN

    A plugin to add a barcode & ISBN to WooCommerce

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  • API QRCode Generator

    Use QRCode Generator to create a image QRCode on any site of your blog.

  • Visual QR Code

    Visualead makes QR Codes more effective by instantly and seamlessly blending them with any design, attracting users and increasing engagement.

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  • WP-QREncoder

    Allows post authors to easily add qrencoded images to their posts. Uses: QRcode Perl CGI & PHP scripts ver. 0.50:

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  • ZonaW QR Codes

    This plugin generates a image with a QR code with the current post URL.

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  • BezahlCode-Generator

    Dieses Plugin erstellt ein Sidebar-Widget mit welchem BezahlCodes generiert werden koennen

  • QutenizeR

    QutenizeR plugin for WordPress is a funny way to easily create cute & colorful QR codes.

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