Top 15 WordPress Bbcode Plugins

  • Word Replacer

    Replace word by another word in post, page, or comment. And... bbPress

  • GD bbPress Tools

    Adds different expansions and tools to the bbPress 2.x plugin powered forums: BBCode support, signatures, custom views, quote...

  • Comments Cleaner

    This plugin removes all HTML tags, BBCode tags and links from added comments (including link to author's website)

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  • Embedder

    Better shortcodes. Embed HTML into your blog's posts, pages, titles, comments, and widgets with this powerful, easy-to-use plugin.

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  • bbPress2 BBCode

    This plugin adds support for popular bbcode forum code to posts, comments, pages, bbpress 2.0 forums and buddypress activity and group forums.

  • Word Filter Plus

    Update or clean the contents of your site, by filtering or replacing words and phrases in your posts, pages, excerpts, titles and comments.

  • BBCode

    Implements BBCode in posts.

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  • bbPress2 shortcode whitelist

    This plugin adds creates a whitelist of shortcode tags that can be applied to comments, bbPress and BuddyPress.

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  • BBCode

    version: 1.1.2 Implements Extended BBCode in posts.

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  • WP MultiTasking

    Utilities to handle multiple of tasks

  • Custom Profile Filters for BuddyPress

    Allows users to take control of the way that the links in their Buddypress profiles are handled.

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  • BBcode

    BBcode for your Wordpress Blog, but with an easy to use editor.

  • BBCode Widget Titles

    Allows for the use of BBCode in styling widget titles. Supports [b], [i], [u], [s], [url=], and [color=].

  • gorzek's BBCode Filter

    Stable version: trunk This plugin provides a BBCode-like filter for posts and comments. It does not use shortcodes. It does support multi-line enclos

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  • Video and Audio BBCodes

    This plugin adds support for video and audio shortcodes to posts and pages. If you have 'bbPress2 shortcode whitelist' installed, you can

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