Top 10 WordPress Blockquote Plugins

  • CSSIgniter Shortcodes

    This plugin defines and allows you to use a lot of useful shortcodes. Need a button? Sure. A message box? You know we have it.

  • Perfect Pullquotes

    Add beautifully styled left-aligned, right-aligned, or full-width pullquotes to your Wordpress posts.

  • Text To Share

    Text to Share is a plugin that allows the visitor to share a selected quote on major social networks.

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  • Smartlines

    Smartlines intelligently adds HTML paragraph and break elements where WordPress forgets.

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  • Wpkmkz Tweet Blockquotes

    Add a blockquote with a tweet button to share on twitter

  • SuperPack

    Features half-dozen Shortocdes, and half-dozen Widgets to supercharge your blog/site.

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  • Extract blockquote info

    This plugin extracts `cite=""` and `title=""` details from blockquote to display with attribution and link below the quote.

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  • Blockquote Cite

    Blockquote Cite allows you to add easily cite references when using the blockquote tag.

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  • They Said So

    Embed quotes in your wordpress sites either in widgets or inside your articles using this plugin. Elegant! Stylish and simply the best!

  • CiteKite

    CiteKite automatically validates quotations you make of other websites and lets the world know you care.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any blockquote plugins in our list.

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