Top 18 WordPress Cars Plugins

  • Online Games

    Display up to 83 free HD Flash Games in your website easily using shortcodes. Arcade games like Mario, Solitaire, Backgammon, Chess & more.

  • WP-Reservation booking system

    WP-Reservation - This WordPress plugin allows for the creation of own sites with a booking system. It can apply to their sites hostels, hotels, hotels

  • WP Car Manager

    The easiest way to manage, list and sell your cars online using WordPress!

  • One Widget Countdown

    Shows countdown to the next F1 race. Always up to date.

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  • JPro Cars

    JPro Cars will extend WordPress with car dealer or car classifieds feature, 2 in 1 plugin, you can choose between car dealer or car classifieds mode.

  • ITS Mobile Lite

    Ihr Fahrzeugbestand in Wordpress. Integrates your cars in wordpress.

  • F1Press

    Shows races and qualifications results. Information about Formula 1 racers. Displays the latest Formula1 news on your blog. Next Race Countdown.

  • WI Games widget Plugin

    This plugin will help you to smoothly integrate WI Games widget to your website.

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  • WP Car

    WP Car shows a car photo whith horsepower( HP ) description on Your sidebar.

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  • US - CARS

    Show used cars for sale in US on your website for free. This widget generates HTML that will show up on search engines as a part of your website.

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  • CarDealerPress

    In order to use CarDealerPress a subscription is required with DealerTrend. The plugin utilizes their API to pull automotive data.

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  • WI Games Shortcode

    This plug-in will help you to place any game which you can find on without problems

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  • WP-Car Sidebar

    WP-Car adds descriptions and photos from famous cars in the sidebar of your blog. A configurable widget.

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  • Formulas

    Automotive formulas for car enthusiast web sites

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  • My Favorite Car

    Select and display a list of your favorite cars.

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  • Priceline Partner Network Wordpress Plugin

    Easily add the Priceline travel widget to your own website in just a few clicks.

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