Top 18 WordPress Comics Plugins

  • Webcomic

    Comic publishing power for the web.

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  • MemeOne

    MemeOne is a plugin for creating Internet memes online.

  • Kommiku

    Kommiku is a Online Media Viewer.

  • stripShow

    stripShow is a plugin that turns WordPress into a full-featured webcomics automation system.

  • What Did They Say?!?

    What Did They Say?!? lets your users provide multilingual transcriptions to your media, in their language, quickly and securely.

  • digitalkOmiX

    This plugin adds balloons to traditional comic frames. Balloons become part of the content of the post, and can be translated.

  • Tides

    Do you publish posts about Anime, Film, Animation, Manga, Comics, Games, Literature, Arts, or Writing? Submit to Tides to expand your readership.

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  • Dashboard xkcd

    Display the latest xkcd comic in your dashboard.

  • Media Consumption Log

    This plugin helps you to keep track of the tv shows, movies, books, comics, games and other things you are consuming.


    Allows any comedian or venue to embed their schedule and sell comedy tickets on their WordPress website or blog

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  • Comic Shop Finder Comic Shop Finder provides a widget that shows local comic book stores to the zip code entered.

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  • ComicsGoneBad

    Download Daily comics from to your site and embed it to your site

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite comics plugins.

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