Top 10 WordPress Comment Author Plugins

  • wpDiscuz - Supercharged native comments

    New interactive, AJAX realtime comment system. Designed to supercharge Wordpress native comments. Super fast and responsive with dozens of features.

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  • Hide Comment Author Link

    Use Hide Comment Author Link plugin and easily disable comment author url from your WordPress site.

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  • WordPress Move Comments

    Easily move comments between posts and pages, change comment threading, and assign comments to different authors.

  • Disable comment author links

    Prevent comment author names from linking to external websites.

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  • Admin Commenters Comments Count

    Displays a count of each commenter's total number of comments (linked to those comments) next to their name on any admin page.

  • Spot.IM Comments

    Real-time comments widget turns your site into its own content-circulating ecosystem. Implement an innovative conversation UI and dynamic newsfeed to

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  • Add Comments

    Add multiple comments at once to a post or page with whatever author information you want..

  • Comment Location Tracker

    Traces the IP of comment authors in Wordpress on the comments admin page.

  • Comment Count Admin (by URL)

    Displays a count of each comment authors total number of comments next to their name on the admin pages.

  • my-comment

    Comment author can view all his comments by clicking 'My Comment' link.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite comment author plugins.

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