Top 18 WordPress Contextual Plugins

  • Ad Inserter

    Insert any HTML/Javascript/PHP code into Wordpress. Perfect for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads. 16 code blocks, many display options.

  • uContext for Clickbank

    Automatically converts keywords into contextual in-text Clickbank affiliate links

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  • Amazon Related Products

    Add contextual Amazon products into your blog based on the tags or defined keywords.

  • CB Storefront

    CBengine Storefront Plugin For WordPress allows you to present all ClickBank products available through their FEED with your affiliate ID.

  • Contextual Pages Widget

    The Contextual Pages Widget allows you to display pages in a target depth within the current context tree.

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  • Banner Wizz

    Banner wizz gives you the possibility to add contextual banner ads at the end of every post of your blog , based on keywords occurrences. Because your

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  • uContext for Amazon

    Automatically converts keywords into contextual in-text Amazon affiliate links

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  • MLV Contextual

    Exibe uma vitrine do Mercado Livre em HTML, com ofertas contextualizadas com a temática dos posts.

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  • WP Contextual Affiliate Ads

    Display contextual keyword targeted ads from amazon, clickbank and ebay in WP Posts.

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  • aimojo

    Aimojo™ - Match, Rank, Relate anything! **Replaces Affinitomics for Wordpress**

  • Jarila! Ads

    O Jarila! Ads é um plugin para gerenciar e facilitar a exibição de anúncios do Mercado Livre e Google AdSense (mais redes virão).

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  • Addynamo Ad Widget

    The Addynamo side-bar widget allows you to display Addynamo ads (relevant to content) in your sidebar.

  • Affinitomics

    Affinitomics™ transforms Wordpress into a hyper-relevant, context aware and intelligent powerhouse.

  • Affinitomics + Taxonomy Converter

    This plugin enables developers to quickly convert categories and tags into affinitomic elements, enabling the rapid integration of Affinitomics for Wo

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  • eZanga: Contextual

    This plugin will automatically connect to eZanga's network and place Contextual advertisements on your website.

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  • Secundum Link Loja

    Plugin que gera automaticamente links a partir do conteúdo do texto tomando como base as palavras mais importantes no contexto do post

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  • ClickDynamics

    Click Dynamics is a product that offers first and foremost the ability to automatically place geo-targeted, contextual text links to editorial content

  • Generic Affiliate System, for Marketpress or Woo-commerce

    Affiliate plugin for any e-commerce system. It is only update the afiliados.xml at root folder with your products, price and imgs.

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