Top 16 WordPress Control Plugins

  • WP Crontrol

    WP Crontrol lets you view and control what's happening in the WP-Cron system.

  • Quick Featured Images

    Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

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  • Easy Admin Color Schemes

    The Easy Admin Color Schemes plugin allows users to easily customize the colors of the administration interface for WordPress.

  • JP Widget Visibility

    Specify which widgets appear on which pages of your site.

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  • Better Plugin Compatibility Control

    Adds version compatibility info to the plugins page to inform the admin at a glance if a plugin is compatible with the current WP version.

  • Manual Control for Jetpack

    Jetpack auto-activates new modules, without asking your permission. This plugin stops that.

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  • Olark for WP

    A plugin that allows website authors to easily place a [Olark]( live help widget on their WordPress website.

  • Max Image Size Control

    This plugin adds the functionality to change the max image size each category and post.

  • Sidebars

    Create and apply sidebars to certain pages / posts.

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  • WooCommerce Mobile Assistant Connector

    This plugin allows you to keep your online business under control wherever you are.

  • User Access Shortcodes

    The most simple way of controlling who sees what in your posts/pages. Restrict content to logged in users only (or guests) with a simple shortcode.

  • Login Dongle

    The bookmark to login nobody but you. Simple and secure.

  • Changelogger

    Changelogger shows the latest changelog right on the plugin listing page, whenever there's a plugin ready to be updated.

  • WP-UserLogin

    Adds a UserLogin Widget to display login form or dashboard links depending on user role.

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  • Take Control Of The Wordpress Toolbar

    This Wordpress plugin will allow you to easily take control of the wordpress toolbar.

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  • Utopia Cron

    Makes it easy to set up (semi)-timed page load events without messing with cron or other third-party timing scripts.

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Should we add any control plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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