Top 16 WordPress Core Plugins

  • Advanced Automatic Updates

    Adds extra options to WordPress' built-in Automatic Updates feature.

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  • Disable All WordPress Updates

    Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

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  • Hide Comments Feature

    Remove comments functionality and related in your Wordpress instance.

  • Updater by BestWebSoft

    This plugin allows you to update plugins and WordPress core.

  • WP Updates Settings

    Configure WordPress updates settings through UI (User Interface).

  • Update Notifications Manager

    Disable notifications for updates to plugins, themes, and version of WordPress

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  • WP Automatic Updates

    Configure WordPress updates settings through UI (User Interface).

  • WP Login Timeout Settings

    Configure WordPress Login Timeout through UI (User Interface).

  • WP Sanitize File Name Plus

    Sanitize file names and enhance security.

  • WP Excerpt Settings

    Configure WordPress Excerpt through UI (User Interface).

  • SVN Auto Upgrade

    Author URI:

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  • Client Status

    Status dashboard to keep track of updates for your clients' WordPress sites. Allows sending email to administrators and also to clients when new

  • WP Theme Plugin Editor Disable

    This plugin disable Wordpress Theme/Plugin Editor.

  • WP Core Update Cleaner

    This plugin automatically removes wp-config-sample.php, readme.html and license files, both default and localized versions, when WordPress is updated.

  • WP Comment Humility

    Move the "Comments" menu underneath "Posts"

  • K2F Adapter

    K2F is a generic framework for Rapid Application Development (RAD) in PHP.

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