Top 17 WordPress Countries Plugins

  • iQ Block Country

    Block visitors from countries you don't want on your website. Based on which country your visitor is from.

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  • Flag Icons

    Flags Icons Language Switcher.

  • Flat Rate per State/Country/Region for WooCommerce

    This plugin allows you to set a flat delivery rate per States, Countries or World Regions on WooCommerce.

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  • Listo

    Listo supplies other plugins and themes with commonly used lists.

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  • Map My Posts

    Map My Posts allows you to display a Google Map or Geochart visualization, associating map locations with your existing categories or tags.

  • Woocommerce Add Countries

    Woocommerce Add Countries is a lightweight plugin which allows you to add new countries to the Woocommerce countries list. Requires Woocommerce.

  • IPU-Chart

    Present your data with interactive live charts to your users!

  • WP Visited Countries

    Creates and shows your visited countries map to your visitors. Show them that you've conquered the world! :)

  • Geo Targeted Posts

    Display posts based on visitor's Geo Location

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  • Visited Countries

    Uses amMap's JavaScript maps to display a map of visited places via shortcode.

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  • iTunes Podcast Review Manager

    Get your iTunes podcast reviews from all countries. Checks iTunes automatically and displays your podcast reviews in a sortable table.

  • ias Countries

    Manage country lists: translate, customize, export, select, dropdown, group by region and parse url query to country code and name in any language.

  • Googlurl

    Use Google's URL Shortener to create, track or analyze your custom URL.

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  • Geographic Selects

    Simple plugin to insert Country and State select statement's into your website.

  • Country Flags Info Widget

    Enables a widget in which you can display a list of country with flags, names and misc information.

  • WooCommerce - Country Based Payments

    Choose which payment gateway will be available in country/countries.

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  • JoomlaWatch PRO for Wordpress

    Popular visitor live tracking component ported from Joomla. Features: live stats,graphs,goals,history,anti-spam,blocking,nightly reports and more..

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