Top 18 WordPress Custom Admin Plugins

  • Admin Branding

    Completely brand the admin dashboard and login screen. Add your own logotypes, backgrounds, color themes and more.

  • Fancy Admin UI

    Clean, blue theme for the Wordpress Admin panel and Admin Bar

  • Remove Admin Footer and Version

    Remove wordpress admin footer text and version.

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  • Admin Branding and Tweaks

    The plugin allows you to easily control some tweaks of the WordPress admin side and login screen.

  • WP App Studio

    WP App Studio is the #1 Visual Development Tool for building custom post types, fields, taxonomies, views, widgets, forms, notifications, charts ...

  • Ultimo WP

    Get a clean, beautiful and customizable new look on your WordPress Admin Dasboard.

  • Custom Dashboard Welcome Panel Widget Sidebar

    This plugin registers a new sidebar widget to be used on the ADMIN SIDE ONLY. When active it replaces the WP Welcome Panel Dashboard Widget. Inspired

  • Tamed Admin Theme

    A basic, clean and minimalistic Wordpress admin theme.

  • WP Admin UI

    WP Admin UI is a powerful plugin to customize almost everything in WordPress administration in just few clicks for specific roles.

  • Material Admin Theme

    Material blue theme for wordpress admin. Flat design, improved contrast. Have your backend look like 2015.

  • imPress

    Create amazing presentations with Wordpress and Impress.js

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite custom admin plugins.

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