Top 13 WordPress Czech Plugins

  • Contact form Form For All - Easy to use, fast, 37 languages.

    Drag and Drop interface. Tens of predefined fields, including Connect with Facebook and Google+. 37 languages. Responsive design. Double opt-in.

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  • Filenames to latin

    Sanitize filenames to latin during upload.

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  • ?eština pro WordPress

    Plugin obsahuje úpravy ?eštiny pro WordPress a lokalizaci vybraných plugin? a šablon.

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  • Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

    Quick Localisation allows site admins to patch Wordpress translations of any theme and any plugin without leaving the control panel

  • Zalomení

    This plugin helps to keep some grammar rules in Czech language related to word wrapping, e.g. prepositions 'k', 's', 'v'

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  • Kalendá? / Calendar

    Zobrazuje hodiny, ?as, kdo má dnes a zítra svátek, sudý/lichý týden, ?íslo týdne a po?et dní do Vánoc ?i konce roku.

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  • Kalendarium CZ

    Shows actual date and the czech name days in the sidebar

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  • Custom account fields

    Dopl?uje nové a nastavuje existující položky zákaznického ú?tu pro woocommerce. Adds new and sets existing customer ... for woocommerce.

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  • ?eské a slovenské linkovací služby

    ?eské a slovenské linkovací služby jako dopln?k pluginu Sociable.

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  • ?eská podpora WordPressu

    Plugin ?eské podpory WordPressu. Informace, novinky, rady, tipy a triky, vše p?ehledn? na nást?nce v administraci vašeho webu.

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  • Langtolang Dictionary

    Langtolang Dictionary provides a multilingual dictionary service from the sidebar.

  • Indoeuropean Translator Widget

    Provides links to different automatic translations from the sidebar

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  • CSFD Last Seen

    CSFD (?SFD) Last Seen plugin adds a widget, which shows the last X movies rated on (Czech-Slovak movie database).

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