Top 11 WordPress Deprecated Plugins

  • Log Deprecated Notices

    Logs the usage of deprecated files, functions, and function arguments, and identifies where the deprecated functionality is being used.

  • Gurken Subscribe to Comments (deprecated)

    !!!DEAD PLUGIN!!! USE Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

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  • Pronamic Page Teasers

    Deprecated — This plugin makes it easy to bind pages (teasers) to a page.

  • Pronamic Page Widget

    Deprecated — This plugin makes it easy to add pages as an widget to your sidebars. Developers can easily develop templates for the different page wi

  • Gravity Forms Survey Funnel

    Deprecated — Welcome the visitor of your website with a survey.

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  • Deprecation Checker

    Deprecation Checker simply scans your plugins, themes, and custom directories for deprecated functions.

    no screenshot found
  • Disable Deprecated Warnings

    Prevents plugins from showing deprecated errors in the WordPress admin.

    no screenshot found
  • Pronamic Issuu

    Deprecated — Easily integrate Issuu documents into WordPress.

    no screenshot found
  • Log Deprecated Notices Extender

    This developer-oriented WordPress plugin extends Andrew Nacin's Log Deprecated Notices to show a link in the WP 3.3+ Toolbar.

  • Parcelware

    Create Parcelware importable CSV files from the orders in your WordPress webshop.

    no screenshot found
  • Maildit

    Deprecated — This plugin contains some handy WordPress functions and extends the WordPress admin interface with some nice functions, widgets and mo

    no screenshot found

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite deprecated plugins.

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