Top 12 WordPress Desktop Plugins

  • Ad Inserter

    Insert any HTML/Javascript/PHP code into Wordpress. Perfect for AdSense or contextual Amazon ads. 16 code blocks, many display options.

  • Pojo Device Widget

    Allows to easily control the display of widgets by the specific device: Desktop, Tablet or Mobile on your WordPress site with Pojo Framework.

  • blueimp lightbox

    Official blueimp Gallery lightbox for Wordpress.

  • SO Responsive Content

    With the SO Responsive Content plugin you can easily adjust the length of your content for different devices by making use of visibility classes.

  • Copy To Clipboard - mobile + web

    Copy text to clipboard on click of a button on desktop browsers and mobile web browsers by wrapping the text in [pw-clippy] shortcode.

  • Browser Body Classes with Shortcodes

    Adds browser-specific body classes for styling, and shortcodes to show or hide content to/from specified browsers and devices.

  • TTT Devices

    Improve your adaptive web design with detecting the devices that visit your website.

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  • Responsive Customizer

    A simple and easy way to test your site responsiveness during customizing theme at WordPress customizer.

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  • Heyzap Games

    Make your blog more fun and engaging by pluggin in Heyzap games!

  • fillet

    Safely embed responsive IFrames in the WordPress text editor.

  • azurecurve Mobile Detection

    Plugin providing shortcodes and functions to allow different content to be served to different types of device (Desktop, Tablet, Phone); also includes

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  • Skoffer Screencasting

    This plugin enables you to record and insert screencasts to blog posts, directly from within the WordPress backend.

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