Top 20 WordPress Dev Plugins


    Implementation of LESS (Leaner CSS) in order to make themes development easier.

  • FakerPress

    FakerPress is a clean way to generate fake and dummy content to your WordPress, great for developers who need testing

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  • Add Login Text

    Display custom text (or links) on the admin login screen.

  • Custom Admin Footer Text

    Display custom text (or links) in the admin footer.

  • Gravity Forms - Tab Index

    Gravity Forms Add On. Adds custom tabindex field to the "Advanced" tab for form fields.

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  • WP Manage Plugins

    An easy way to give you more control over the plugins section of WordPress

  • Empty Blog

    Created with developers in mind, this plugin allows you to easily delete posts, tags, and categories.

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  • Taxonomy Thumbnail

    Add a thumbnail to your taxonomy terms.

  • mxPress

    The mxPress Plugin creates a Mxit comptaible version of your WordPress site.

  • Refresh Plugins / Themes / Core

    Usually, WordPress will only check for updates every 12 hours. Now you can quickly and easily refresh/update your WP Database so WordPress will check

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  • Debug Bar Hook Log

    Logs and displays a filterable list of all hooks called during the request, with their arguments

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  • Option Page Helper

    Developer tool that wraps all necessary function calls to create a option page.

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  • Toggle PSD

    Develop your site pixel-perfect by overlaying the comp!

  • WP Dev Dashboard

    The better tool for monitoring your plugins & themes, including support requests, download stats, version support, and more.

  • WP eCommerce Beta Tester

    Easily run the bleeding edge version of WP eCommerce right from GitHub.

  • Sunrise

    Plugin framework, that was designed to speed up plugin deployment and development

  • Extend Upload

    A plugin for developers to Extend WordPress upload to be able to use it at any place.

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  • Dev Toolbox

    Every thing you need to efficiently develop a fresh plugin.

  • Admin Menu Class by 010Pixel

    Admin Menu PHP Class helps developer easily create menus and submenus in WordPress Admin Panel

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  • Developer Toolbar

    Adds easy to access data for developers, including a fixed toolbar to the bottom of pages that shows query data and memory usage among other data.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite dev plugins missing from our list.

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