Top 10 WordPress Direction Plugins

  • Google Maps Easy

    The easiest way to create Google Map with markers, locations and clusterization. Any data on the map: text, images, videos. Custom map marker icons

  • Very Simple Google Maps

    Contains a simple way to add an embedded Google Map to any page or post.

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  • jQuery Vertical Scroller

    Use jQuery Vertical Scroller plugin to display posts as a vertical scroll in a widget, post or page. Supports multiple instances.

  • Persian World

    It will turn WordPress , bbPress and BuddyPress into Persian !

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  • Our Geolocation

    Simply show your geographical location to your visitor.

  • Inline Text Direction

    Changes the direction of inline text that is written as "RTL" that are embedded within Latin languages that are written as "RTL". and vice versa.

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  • WP Direction Detector

    This plugin auto dectects and apply the right direction (RTL or LTR) on post's titles, bodies and comments.

  • Simple Google Contact Map

    Simple embedded Google Map to any Post or Page Using shortcode and Widget.

  • Google map Direction

    plugin for get google map direction from source value to destination value.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any direction plugins in our list.

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