Top 13 WordPress Drag Plugins

  • Advanced WP Columns

    Advanced WP Columns plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface, without any short codes.

  • Easy Wordpress Parallax Slider

    Easy Wordpress Parallax Slider is a wordpress plugin with CSS3 and jQuery. Drag n drop admin functionality to set the show order of slides.

  • Users Ultra Membership Plugin

    Users Ultra is the ideal plugin for creating advanced user communities & networks in few minutes. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google.

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  • WP-Protect (no right clicking, text selection, or image dragging)

    Protect your WordPress site against right clicks, text selection, and image dragging.

  • PiwigoPress

    From any open API Piwigo gallery, swiftly include your photos in Posts/Pages and/or add randomized thumbnails and menus in your sidebar.

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  • CYSTEME Finder, a file explorer

    File manager for admin users. Use it to manage all your WordPress site files, no more need to external FTP to upload/delete/edit PHP or any other file

  • SVG Complete

    Upload SVG files and add them to your post or page via the SVG button in your visual editor or via a shortcode, with zoom & drag option!

  • Easy

    Easy, but complex widget website builder.

  • 2046's Loop widget

    2046's loop widget boosts you website prototyping.

  • Custom Users Order

    A plugin which allows you to order the users with simple Drag and Drop Sortable capability.

  • Homepage Drag and Sort

    *PLEASE NOTE: I don't develop/support this plugin anymore.* choose which posts you want to show in homepage, drag and sort them.

  • Custom Posts Order

    A plugin which allows you to order the posts with simple Drag and Drop Sortable capability.

  • wp-seatingchart

    Create a seating layout using tables, chairs, restroom locations and trash receptacles via a drag-n-drop interface. Allow users to reserve a table or

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite drag plugins.

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