Top 18 WordPress Epub Plugins

  • MimeTypes Link Icons

    Adds icons automatically to any uploads and/or file links inserted into your blog posts.

  • GroupDocs.Viewer for Cloud

    Seamlessly embed and display PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your WordPress website.

  • Anthologize

    Use the power of WordPress to transform your content into a book.

  • Ebook Store

    Stylish and modern ebook seller plugin, with 3D book preview, optional preview file for each book, automated email delivery and order processing.

  • Read Offline

    Read Offline allows you to download or print posts and pages. You can download the posts as PDF, ePub or mobi

  • wp2epub

    wp2epub generate ePub files directly from WordPress.

  • EditionGuard for WooCommerce - eBook Sales with DRM

    This Wordpress plugin allows you to sell eBooks using WooCommerce 2.1+, while protecting them with EditionGuard DRM.

  • MPL - Publisher

    MPL - Publisher is a plugin to create an ebook from your WordPress posts. You can publish your ebook like: ePub, pdf, kindle books, iPad ebook, Mobi

  • ePub Export

    ePub Export automatically creates an ePub file of every published or updated post or page.

  • EditionGuard eBook Sales with DRM

    This Wordpress plugin allows you to sell eBooks using Paypal while protecting them with EditionGuard DRM.

  • BookPress Client

    Sorry this plugin is no longer maintenace.

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  • PriPre


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  • Bg forReaders

    Convert post content to most popular e-book formats for readers and displays a form for download.

  • eBook Creator from posts

    Plugin automatically generates eBooks from posts in different formats: PDF,MOBI and ePub.

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  • Tutsup Epub Creator Free

    Tutsup Epub Creator Free allows you to create EPUB e-books using your WordPress posts. You can search, add and organize posts into your e-book. You ca

  • Aspose Cloud eBook Generator

    Aspose Cloud eBook Generator Plugin for WordPress allows developers to create eBooks of their blog posts, articles, pages without requiring Microsoft

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  • Post 2 epub

    Permite crear archivos en formato epub con las entradas publicadas en el sitio. Allows you to create epub format with the entries posted on the site.

  • Yufi ePub and mobi file uploads.

    Allow ePUB and MOBI file uploads.

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