Top 12 WordPress Errors Plugins

  • No 404 Errors

    Allow 404 errors to redirect to a specific page (as a 301).

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  • Custom Error Pages

    Create custom 401 and 403 error pages with any WordPress theme without writing a single line of code, set it up and forget it.

  • Browser Blocker

    Browser Blocker allows you to pick and choose which browsers(versions) can access your web page and which ones are given a blocked splash screen.

  • Timber

    Timber is a general-purpose error-logging and alert system for Wordpress.

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  • AskApache Debug Viewer

    Extreme Advanced debugging plugin for seeing the verbose of the verbose debug info. Tech Support, Server Admins, WordPress Developers, Plugin Develop

  • Useful 404's

    Create more useful 404 error pages, including email notifications for bad links.

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  • Comment Form Inline Errors

    Display comment form errors nicely!

  • Custom Error Log

    A tool for logging and monitoring custom errors, making debugging complex PHP a breeze.

  • WP Log Viewer

    Easily search, sort and group log entries. Click the log file with one click. See new errors automatically without refreshing.

  • Airbrake

    Airbrake collects errors created by Wordpress and it's plugins.

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  • WpDevTool

    Development tool for WordPress to track bugs, manage crons, permalinks and much more.

  • WP Admin Error Handler

    Taming WordPress and PHP errors and displaying them properly.

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