Top 20 WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

  • Custom Facebook Feed

    The Custom Facebook Feed allows you to display completely customizable Facebook feeds of any public Facebook page or group on your website

  • Easy Facebook Like Box

    Easy facebook like box WordPress plugin allows to display custom facebook feed, page plugin (like box), like button, using widget, shortcode, PopUp.

  • Feed Them Social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, etc)

    Custom feeds for Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, Album Photos, Videos & Covers, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube on pages, posts

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  • Facebook

    Facebook Like Box plugin comes with Facebook Like Box Widget & Shortcode.

  • FBF Facebook page Feed Widget

    Shows the latest updates from one or multiple Facebook page(s) in a sidebar widget with short code feature.

  • IK Facebook Plugin

    IK Facebook is an easy-to-use plugin for adding a Custom Facebook Feed of any Public Facebook Page to your site, with a shortcode or widget.

  • Facebook Page Plugin

    It's time to upgrade from your old like box! Display the Facebook Page Plugin from the Graph API using a shortcode or widget.

  • Facebook comments WordPress

    Our WordPress Facebook comments plugin will help you to display Facebook Comments box on your website. You can use Facebook Comments box on your pages

  • FaceBook Feed

    Easily add a Customizable Facebook Feed to Wordpress Website

  • Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin

    Brings the power of simplicity to display or embed Facebook Page Plugin (Like Box) widgets into your WordPress website by using latest Graph API v2.5.

  • Facebook Stream

    Facebook stream will show your facebook page or group wall in fully responsive format on your website.

  • Feeder Ninja: Create and add RSS & Social feeds to your website on-the-fly

    The best tool for adding RSS & Social media feeds to your Wordpress website.

  • POWr RSS Feed

    Combine and display content from multiple RSS feeds!

  • POWr Social Feed

    Display posts from any social media network!

  • POWr Facebook Feed

    Combine and display multiple Facebook pages in a single feed!

  • Advanced Facebook Wall Widget

    Advanced Facebook Wall Widget - Displays feeds from Facebook Page Only. (It won't work with facebook group)

  • Facebook Social Stream

    The Facebook Social Stream plugin allows you to simply display a Facebook feed of a public Facebook page on your website

  • Classic Facebook Feeds

    Easily Display custom feeds Facebook Feeds to WordPress blog site from any Facebook Fan Page.

  • Flow-Flow Social Streams

    With Flow-Flow Social Streams you can display your social hub in awesome responsive grid.

  • POWr Instagram Feed

    Display posts from multiple Instagram accounts in a single feed!

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